Pinner Cricket Club Saturday Pinner 2nd XI squad

The Pinner CC Second XI play their league cricket in Division 4 of the Morrant Chilterns League.

Also known as 'The Lambs'. 

Saturday Pinner 2nd XI Saturday Pinner 2nd XI

Captain : Rob Bonneywell

RHB LS. Originally joined in 2007, played a few games then disappeared for a few years only to re-emerge in 2011. Current 2's Skipper and the money man. Waiting for some dry weather so that we can fully appreciate his leg spin in all its glory. Useful lower order bat too.

Vice Captain : Cyrus Barrett

RHB OS. Gave up the twos captaincy at the end of 2011. The complete all rounder, can bat, bowl and field although at what level is open to debate. 

Navin Agarwal
RHB RM. Joined in 2016 and started with a flourish and a fivefer in his second league game.  Desecptively brisk and quite happy to argue with others over the 9, 10 or 11 batting position.
Deepak Amrwallah
RM RHB. New signing in advance of the 2017 season.  Will be a good option for the pace attack.
John Bewick
RM RHB. Joined in 2015 and would be a useful addition to the team if he actually plays, work restricting him to two games in 2015! Hoping to coming storming into the 2016 season fresh as a daisy.
Rob Bonneywell
RHB LS. Originally joined in 2007 played a few games then disappeared for a few years only to re-emerge in 2011. Current 2's Skipper and the money man. Waiting for some dry weather so that we can fully appreciate his leg spin in all its glory. Useful lower order bat too
Kieran Carter
RHB WK. Son of Alan, and keen to follow in his footsteps.  Arguments over who is the best cricketer in the Carter household could develop over the coming years.  First Pinner colt to score a ton in a colts match!
Mateen Choudhry
RHB LS. Originally a 2nd XI regular contributor with both bat and ball, but was elevated to the 1st team in 2016. Comes with a fan club and two sons eager to learn the game.
Akhil Dabasia
LHB LM. Akhil has come through the colts to play numerous games for the adults in 2017.  A classy left handed bat with a unique left arm bowling action, he should be around for years to come. 
Dan Downer
LHB, RM. Irish Dan joined in 2015 from the northern part of the Emerald Isle. A steady medium pacer with an improving batting style currently more aligned to Hurling. Enjoys a beer and a conversation but some at the club still feel the need for an interpreter!
Rob Fells
RHB. Productive opener who joined Pinner in 2010. Has been a regular in the ones and now a stalwart opener for the twos ... never ask him to bowl please god no.....


Tamoor Haidar
RHB RM. Tamoor joined in 2017 and scored a 50 in his first league game.  A university student who is used to playing T20, has had to make the change to the longer format of the game. Hopefully here to stay for years to come.
Rob Harrison
RHB RM. Bob is a well scheduled, technically sound batter whos recent performances understate his quality. Another long serving member and ex 1st captain, consistently under used with the ball. Is well know for the phrase "well left" generally as he walks back the pavillion, out bowled.
Felix Hoh
RHB LF. A bowler who generates pace off of 5 yards and can be destructive. Lower order bat who made history with a 55 ball duck. Elder brother of John.
John Hoh
RHB, RM. John came through the colts and made his senior team debut in 2015. Younger brother of Felix, he is a promising fast bowler and useful bat, destroying colts sides and looking to make a name for himself in the league.
Asif Khan
RHB RM. Excellent middle order bat and very handy with the ball. If you think his run up is quick, just wait for the slower ball!!!
Saif Khan
RHB OS. Brother of Asif, needs to learn how to run between the wickets. Productive bat, floating between the 1s and 2s, don't ask him about his 5fer!!!
Waris Khan
RHB WK. Joined in early 2017 and instantly took his place in the twos as a keeper.  Has batted in nearly all positions already and is never in a rush!
Anay Lakhia
RHB RM. Anay is one of many colts breaking through into the adult sides.  A quick opening bowler who has opened the bowling for the twos in the league in 2017.  Can bat a bit too!
Nick Lawrence
RHB RM. Nick was a colt who left us to play u17 cricket at Eastcote before rejoining in 2015. A tall, nippy bowler who can make the ball talk and a useful uncomplicated batsman, he could be around for years to come.  Made a breakthrough into the league first team in 2017 and hasn't looked back!  
Tino Mahendram
RHB.  Tino joined us in 2016 because we have a 'good bar and I like a drink!' When in poor form he's pleased to turn up just for the teas! Can destroy bowling attacks with unconvential batting and will only improve with time.  One of the few batsmen that know he can't bowl.
Murali Neelakandan
RHB, OS. Murali was an u15 coach who got bitten with the cricket bug and started turning out for the adults in 2015, along with his son. Skippered the first 3rd team game for years to a victory.
Tallen Neelakandan
RHB, RHM. Tallen came through the colts to play his first adult match in 2015. His medium pace will develop over the next couple of years and be a handful for all batsmen. Cemented his place in the 2nd team when available, and sure to be a 1st team regular in years to come.
Maison Noel
RHB, RF. One of the first colts through the ranks, now back after a few years out, looking forward to seeing him use his height and pace going forward! Also known as 'Dave'.
Nevan O'Sullivan
RHB. Has come through the colts and made a good 70 on his 2nd team league debut. Made his 1st team league debut in 2016 and is looking to be a regular in years to come.
Shane O'Sullivan
RHB RM. Like his brother, he has come through the colts and on the verge of a leahue debut in 2017.  Will tell anyone who is willing to listen who he thinks is the smarter and best cricketer in the O'Sullivan household. 
Phil Page
RHB RM. Good consistent bowler but also one of the oldest cricketers in the world, joint i think with Catters. His batting is very much playing by numbers and you also hope a catch never goes in his direction. Was born in the era before three stumps and claims to have bowled out WG Grace! A very nice guy and Arsenal fan to.
Raj Pandian
RHB WKT. Joined as a keeper and converted into a fielder. Can bat for hours if you want him too. Committed member of Pinner despite being a northerner.
Ravi Pandya
RHB OS. Ravi joined us in 2015 and soon made waves, scoring a blistering 60 of 25 balls in his first league game. Since then he has cemented a place in the 1st team with his off spin, big hitting and taste in music.
Simon Pilsbury
RHB RM. Solid team player who would run up mountains for the team, and often does in his warm up.  Transformed himself into an opening bat in 2017, more in the Boycott mould rather than Hales! Doesn't appreciate being called 'Steve'.
Leeroy Rogers
RHB OS. Leeroy transferred from GWR in 2011... heard he cost a bag of crisps and a mars... thats GWR paying us of course. Has been a perfect fit into Pinner, likes a drink and finds interesting ways of getting out. Now finding his way as a 12th man/umpire in the twos!
Varun Singh
RM RHB. Joined in 2015 and started in the Sunday team.  Has made a regular spot in the league two's his own in 2017 and maybe even looking at a ones spot in the coming months.  However, 'mortgage', 'house' and 'batting' should never be in the same sentence as Varun!
Shaji Thomas
RHB RM. Joined with the influx of new players in 2016 after playing in the US. A regular Sunday player.  Recently given the honour of a club nickname - 'Onion'.
Jack Tucker
RHB RM. The first off Pinners colts production line to regularly play for league side. Can bat, bowl, field and keep wicket but just needs to work on keeping those pads out of the way of the stumps.
Norman Williams
RHB RM. Or Lead Pipe as he is affectionately known. 2015 saw him back to his best with over 600 league runs, with 2 huge tons! Loves a dance, game of pool and is in need of a new watch or alarm clock!
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