Pinner Cricket Club - Club Policies

All Club Members are expected to uphold the good name and best interests of Pinner Cricket Club at all times. Any member who acts at any time in a manner liable to prejudice the good name or interests of Pinner Cricket Club shall be subject to disciplinary action.


Players, Club Officials and Colts Parents

Players and Club Officials shall at all times conduct play within the spirit of the game as well within the Laws of Cricket and the captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that this is adhered to.


Players and Club Officials shall at no time engage in conduct unbecoming to their status, which could bring them, Pinner CC or the game of cricket into disrepute. Please respect your opponents, your own captain and team, the umpires, and club property.

By Joining Pinner Cricket Club you agree to abide by the following club policies

Policies for all members

 - Code of Conduct for Cricket Club Members and Guests
 - Club Constitution 2019
 - Guidelines for dealing with an Incident and or Accident.pdf
 - Incident and or Accident Report Form.pdf
 - Pinner Cricket Club Inclusion & Diversity Policy.pdf
 - Safeguarding Policy Statement.pdf
 - Safe Hands
 - Pinner Club Development Plan 2017-20 v1.1.pdf
 - Pinner Photography and Video Policy.pdf

Additional policy for Junior Members

 - Code of Conduct for Young People