Pinner Cricket Club Saturday Pinner 3rd XI squad

The third Pinner Saturday team playing friendly cricket when availability is good.
Saturday Pinner 3rd XI

Captain : Dan Downer

LHB, RM. Irish Dan joined in 2015 from the northern part of the Emerald Isle. A steady medium pacer with an improving batting style currently more aligned to Hurling. Enjoys a beer and a conversation but some at the club still feel the need for an interpreter!
Rob Bonneywell
RHB LS. Originally joined in 2007 played a few games then disappeared for a few years only to re-emerge in 2011. Current 2's Skipper and the money man. Waiting for some dry weather so that we can fully appreciate his leg spin in all its glory. Useful lower order bat too
Kieran Carter
RHB WK. Son of Alan, and keen to follow in his footsteps.  Arguments over who is the best cricketer in the Carter household could develop over the coming years.  First Pinner colt to score a ton in a colts match!
Dan Foskett
RHB, RO. One of the first colts to play adult cricket since the colts were reformed in 2006. Bowls and can have a bif, don't play him at poker!
Saif Khan
RHB OS. Legend with a brother called Asif, a destructive bat floating between 1's and 2's. Safe hands Saif, just needs a little work on running between the wickets. Right are spinner who has a club 5fer - ask about it at your peril!!!
Nick Lawrence
RHB RM. Nick was a colt who left us to play u17 cricket at Eastcote before rejoining in 2015. A tall, nippy bowler who can make the ball talk and a useful uncomplicated batsman, he could be around for years to come.  Made a breakthrough into the league first team in 2017 and hasn't looked back!  
Tino Mahendram
RHB.  Tino joined us in 2016 because we have a 'good bar and I like a drink!' When in poor form he's pleased to turn up just for the teas! Can destroy bowling attacks with unconvential batting and will only improve with time.  One of the few batsmen that know he can't bowl.
Sikander Merchant
RHB. Steady and regular member of the 2's league side.  Never seen him bowl and prefer to keep it that way. Known as 'Suiciide Sid' for his running between the wickets and telepathic calling!
Shane O'Sullivan
RHB RM. Like his brother, he has come through the colts and on the verge of a leahue debut in 2017.  Will tell anyone who is willing to listen who he thinks is the smarter and best cricketer in the O'Sullivan household. 
Leeroy Rogers
RHB OS. Leeroy transferred from GWR in 2011... heard he cost a bag of crisps and a mars... thats GWR paying us of course. Has been a perfect fit into Pinner, likes a drink and finds interesting ways of getting out. Now finding his way as a 12th man/umpire in the twos!
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